Megabusive w Awkward ‘Sidewalk Symphonies’
From the forthcoming ep Hell On Hell

Out this summer via M9 Entertainment and Isolated Wax


THE CLOAKS LP available 3/27


Awkward ft. Matt Gamin ‘Polyglot’
From The Metal At The Core out now via Machina Muerte

Awkward and N8 Noface ‘We Are Dead Planets’
From the lp The Metal At The Core out now via

Some of my art. ‘The Wild’ is from ‘The Metal At The Core’ out now via

Check out this interview and lp stream over at Impose Magazine.
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Awkward ‘The Metal At The Core’ is on on Machina Muerte Jan 7th 2014.

Awkward,the only Uk member of LA/Tuscon crew and label Machina Muerte is set to release
His brand new lp The Metal At The Core jan 7th.

Hot from producing Open Mike Eagle’s entire 4NML HSPTL lp on Fake Four last year and the
forthcoming lp by The Cloaks (Awol One,Gel Roc,Awkward and D Styles),
The new lp features Awkward’s unusual beats,psychedelic sounds and heavy bass with
guest vocals by Open Mike Eagle,Civillian,Zackey Force Funk,Sole,Cadalack Ron,Matt Gamin and N8 Noface.


New single feat. Sole and Cadalack Ron from the forthcoming Awkward lp on Machina Muerte Out jan 7th. CLICK PICK TO DOWNLOAD

Lp features regular collaborators Zackey Force Funk,N8 Noface,Matt Gamin,Open Mike Eagle,Civillian,Benjamin one as well as the above.
The new lp is a mixture of hard beats and bass,colourful synths and samples and guest vocals,all filtered through Awkward’s skewed lens and cranked up to ten.

Cover artwork by Albane Simon and Awkward


New video for Rocks The House feat. Zackey Force Funk

Music by Awkward,vocals by Zackey Force Funk

Video by Evil Twin

From the forthcoming The Metal At The Core lp on Machina Muerte

Coming Soon!
Awkward ‘The Metal At The Core’ lp

Feat. Matt Gamin, Zackey Force Funk, Sole, Benjamin One, Cadalack Ron, N8 No Face,Civillian and Open Mike Eagle

Cover art by Albane Simon and Awkward

Forthcoming on Machina Muerte

Free 3 song ep preview feat. Zackey Force Funk


First single from The Cloaks. Awol One,Gel Roc and Awkward.
Featuring Existereo and scratches by D Styles.

Lp very soon…


Awkward unleashes ‘Full Force Display’ ,the second single from the forthcoming
‘Metal At The Core’ lp on Machina Muerte

Awkward handles all the production and digitised vocals in a sound described as Wild Style.
The heavy electro drums and synth workouts further highlight Awkward’s psychedelic,multi layered B Boy dynamics.
Play at your own risk.

Awkward’s latest mixtape includes remixes,lost tracks,beats and more from 2009/2013 in preperation for the forthcoming ‘Metal At The Core’ lp
dropping soon…..
Enter zero for a free download
released 30 June 2013
tags: bass electro electronic funk hip hop rock Bristol
Cold by Awkward


New video by Open Mike Eagle feat. Nocando ‘Free Writing Exercise’
Produced by Awkward